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5 books that will change your life

Realize where you are.

#76 - Brett Goldstein - Co-Founder of Launch House

Chris Sacca: Highly Leveraged

#75 - Will Allen - NFL Veteran and Co-Founder of Magarac Venture Partners

Mark Suster - Pull Not Push

#74 - Mark Suster - Partner at Upfront Ventures

Do you want personalized advice from one of our podcast guests?

#73 - Khaled Naim - Co-Founder and CEO of Onfleet

#72 - Corey Kossack - Founder and CEO of Aspireship

Alexis Ohanian: I Read it on Reddit

#71 - Kean Graham - Founder and CEO of MonetizeMore

Craft Ventures’ Lainy Painter on the two questions startup founders must answer.

#70 - Jason of Beverly Hills - World's Best Jeweler

How David Sacks and the PayPal Mafia became the most dominant collection of entrepreneurs in…

#69 - Stefan Henriquez, Co-Founder and CEO of Mayk.It

#68 - Jasmine Crowe, Founder of Goodr Co

Microsoft executive explains how to get your dream job in tech.

#67 - Thomas Knoll, Former Community Architect at

Learn how Eric Bahn went from Customer Service to Venture Capitalist

How Ruben Harris broke into tech with cold emails and Twitter.

How Jason Calacanis turned $100K into $100M

#66 - Aadi Bhanti, Founder and CEO of Dropmints

#65 - Anthony Tamras and Drake Roberts, Founders of DeoBlock

#64 - Laurence Capone, Chief Financial Officer of Pipedrive

#63 - Tony Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of MusicBreakr

#62 - Mat Sherman, Founder of SeedScout

#61 - Eric Bahn, Co-Founder and GP of Hustle Fund

#60 - David Sacks, Founding Chief Operating Officer of PayPal

#59 - Zeb Evans, Founder and CEO of ClickUp

#58 - Dr. Meg Jay, Author of The Defining Decade

#57 - Roberto Aguayo, NFL Kicker

#56 - Brittany Davis, General Partner at Backstage Capital

#55 - Simon Squibb, Founder of Purposeful Project

#54 - Jonathan Javier, CEO of Wonsulting

#53 - Andy Dunn, Founder of Bonobos

#52 - Lainy Painter, Partner at Craft Ventures

#51 - Angel Onuoha, Co-Founder of BLK Capital Management

#50 - Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple

#49 - Ezra Levine, CEO of Collectable

#48 - Bushra Amiwala, Youngest Muslim Elected Official in the US

#47 - Dan Michelson, CEO of Strata Decision Technology

#46 - Ev Williams, Founder of Blogger, Twitter, and Medium

The InTheir20s Spring Intern Podcast (Episode 1)

#45 - Ruben Harris, Founder and CEO of Career Karma

#44 - Sarah Robinson, International Speaking & Mindset Coach

#43 - Tasha Robinson-White, Former CEO of Mayweather Music & Founding President of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation

#42 - Michele Schneider, Senior Vice President of Workplace Services at Salesforce

#41 - Jason Dumas, Sports Reporter

#40 - Jason Calacanis, Angel Investor

#39 - Connor Mitchell, The First BitClout Influencer

#38 - Sekou Kaalund, Head of Consumer Banking, Northeast Division at Chase

#37 - Brooke Yoakam, Founder and CEO of GiftPocket

#36 - Tim Arthurs, Partner and Head of Equity Sales at Seaport Global

#35 - Nikhil Mohanty, The Rise of NFT's and NBA Top Shot for people in their 20s

#34 - Jacob Sills, Co-Founder and CEO of Uptrust

#33 - Carter Deems, Cast Member of Wild 'N Out

#32 - Cathy Bessant, Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Bank of America

#31 - Nastassia Ponomarenko, Founder of Connectful and Nasty Fit

#30 - Kevin Boehm, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Boka Restaurant Group

#29 - Nick Henning, President of Henning Coaching and Henning Staffing

#28 - Neha O'Rourke, Founder, Career and Energy Coach, and Speaker for Somewhere In Between

#27 - Brad Edwards, Investigative Reporter and Main Anchor for CBS Chicago