#62 - Mat Sherman, Founder of SeedScout


Mat Sherman is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and extraordinary 20-somethings. He is the Host of Forward Thinking Founders, which is a show that’s recorded over 730 episodes with pre-seed founders. Through his podcast, Mat discovered that he wanted to find a better way to connect founders in his network with investors. He created Seedscout, which is a pre-seed startup database that allows investors to get better data on potential investment opportunities. Seedscout collects team information, company progress, fundraise details and other pieces of data that help investors decide who to meet with. Through Seedscout, you can also request introductions to any founders, all in the platform. Seedscout has facilitated over $1.6M of capital being deployed into startups and they don't take equity from either side. Investors can sign up for Seedscout for $50/mo for unlimited data access and intro requests. Learn more at seedscout.com.