#80 - Mayor Francis Suarez - Mayor of MiamiListen now (19 min) | What was Miami Mayor Francis Suarez doing in his 20s
#79 - Amanda Richardson - CEO of CoderPadListen now (14 min) | How Amanda Richardson Became a CEO in her 20s
You'll never look at chicken the same.
Use twitter and invest like the best.
#78 - Benjamin Grubbs and Jonathan Shambroom - Co-Founders of Creator+Listen now (24 min) | Understanding the creator economy in your 20s
#77 - Sean Mendy - Co-Founder of Concrete Rose CapitalListen now (24 min) | What was Sean Mendy doing in his 20s
Plus, whats next for inTheir20s in 2022.
Plus, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan on success and happiness.
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