Mar 15, 2021 • 16M

#35 - Nikhil Mohanty, The Rise of NFT's and NBA Top Shot for people in their 20s

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Host Landon Campbell interviews top business leaders and extraordinary 20-somethings. Guests have included Steve Wozniak, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, Cathy Bessant, Ev Williams, Beto O'Rourke, Jewel Burks-Solomon, Dr. Meg Jay, Tim Hardaway Sr, AJ Vaynerchuk, Sekou Kaalund, and Andy Dunn.
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A digital-only artwork has recently sold at Christie's auction house for an eye-watering $69m - but the winning bidder will not receive a sculpture, painting or even a print.  Instead, they get a unique digital token known as an NFT, or a Non-Fungible Token.  Where Bitcoin was hailed as the digital answer to currency, NFTs are now being touted as the digital answer to collectables.  We want to give you a quick introduction to the world of NFT's and the platforms you can interact with them on. This discussion features our friend, Nikhil Mohanty, who has seen early success on the popular NFT Platform: NBA Top Shot. NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based platform that allows fans to buy and sell officially-licensed highlights, or Moments, from NBA games.