#75 - Will Allen - NFL Veteran and Co-Founder of Magarac Venture PartnersListen now (29 min) | From the NFL to Venture Capital
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#71 - Kean Graham - Founder and CEO of MonetizeMore Listen now (22 min) 
Lainy Painter is a partner at Craft Ventures and holds previous experience at Battery Ventures, Gainsight, and Goldman Sachs. Before we get to this edi…
#70 - Jason of Beverly Hills - World's Best JewelerListen now (23 min) | Jason Arasheben, aka Jason of Beverly Hills, is the go-to creative genius for spectacular custom designed jewels for high-profile…
David Sacks is a Silicon Valley legend, former COO of PayPal, Co-Founder of Yammer, and Managing Partner of Craft Ventures.
#69 - Stefan Henriquez, Co-Founder and CEO of Mayk.ItListen now (20 min) | Stefan Henriquez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mayk.it, which is a social music creation app that wants to help people easily prod…